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PMMA Double Convex Lens

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area: Zhejiang
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last update: 2019-10-28 09:03
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Product details
RF-B001 Ф8mm Microscope lens(Biconvex) 
RF-B002 Ф10.2mm Microscope lens(Biconvex)
RF-B015 Ф17mm Biconvex lens
RF-B019 Ф21mm  Biconvex lens f=95
RF-B020 Ф21.5mm Biconvex f=104
RF-B021 Ф21mm  Biconvex lens f=32
RF-B024 Ф25mm Biconvex f=45
RF-B050 50.5*33*5.5mm Plano-convex lens
RF-B051 37.5*29.5*5.5mm Biconvex lens
RF-B052 43.5*28*6mm Biconvex lens with double magnification with steps
RF-B053 102*53mm Biconvex lens with double magnification 
RF-B083 Ф16mm Biconvex lens
RF-B087 28mm Biconvex lens
RF-B076 Ф25mm  Biconvex lens with steps f=45
RF-B077 Ф38mm  Biconvex lens f=50
RF-B117 Ф38mm Biconvex lens
RF-B085 Ф38mm Conjoint biconvex lens
RF-B092 Ф16mm Biconvex lens
RF-B119-A Ф37mm Biconvex lens f=45
RF-B124 Ф37mm Conjoint biconvex lens
RF-B091-A Ф34mm  Biconvex lens with steps f=45
RF-B125 Ф34mm Conjoint biconvex lens
RF-B122-A Ф40mm Biconvex lens f=60
RF-B122-B Ф40mm Biconvex lens f=45
RF-B095 Ф42mm Biconvex lens f=45
RF-B100 Ф15.8mm Biconvex lens with steps
RF-B126 Ф36mm Biconvex lens

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